BSRB - The Federation of State and Municipal Employees

BSRB is a federation of state and municipal employees and the largest federation of employees in the public sector in Iceland. We have members who work in the postal services, customs, police, fire departments, health care as well as the employees of the government and local municipalities.

BSRB is a federation of 19 worker’s unions, founded in 1942. We have with approximately 23,000 members, out of a total work force of around 195,000. About two in every three of our members are women.

The unions in BSRB have the collective bargaining right. Sometimes the unions bargain individually but often under the auspices of BSRB. Our unions have had the right to strike since 1986, although their right is subjected to more restrictions than in the private sector.

For further information on BSRB, please contact us via phone (+354-5258300) or email (bsrb@bsrb.is).

BSRB has successfully campaigned for a shorter work week. A detailed summary on the work leading up to the collective agreement on a shorter work week can be found here: A Shorter Work Week


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