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Eleven member unions of BSRB and the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities signed a new collective agreement on the morning of Saturday, June 10, 2023. Subsequently, the strike action that began in mid-May was canceled.

Apply here for strike benefits due to strikes in the period 15 May - 10 June.


About strike compensation

During a strike, wages are lost for those who go on strike. It is likely that wages will be deducted from all members of the association affected by the strike due to the days or part of the day they stopped working.

Members who work during a strike are entitled to their wages. Each member must request to be paid by their employer if he has been working according to the exemption list but finds that his salary has been deducted.


Apply for strike compensation

BSRB's member associations that were jointly responsible for strike actions decided that ISK 30,000 will be paid for every full day that social workers were on strike, based on a 100% employment rate. Tax is taken from strike compensation as with normal salary.

On June 1st the salaries of the members of the employee union of Kópavog (SfK) who work in Kópavogsbær, and of the members of Kjölur - union, who work at Dalvíkurbyggð were deducted Those who have already been paid strike compensation due to strike actions on May 15 - 29 do not apply again for compensation for those days.

Trouble logging in or other questions regarding compensation

If there is a problem logging in to the application page, there may be reasonable explanations for this. The person concerned is advised to contact their trade union directly and request assistance. In such a message, your full name and social security number must be included.

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