The president and deputies

The president, the deputy and second deputy of BSRB are elected at the federations congress. They are also members of the General council.


Sonja Ýr Þorbergsdóttir, formaður BSRBSonja Ýr Þorbergsdóttir, president of  BSRB

Sonja Ýr Þorbergsdóttir was first elected president of BSRB in 2018 and re-elected at the 46th Congress in September 2021. She was the federation’s lawyer from 2008 and has had diverse commissions of trust since then.






Þórarinn Eyfjörð annar varaformaður BSRB

Þórarinn Eyfjörð, deputy president of BSRB

Þórarinn Eyfjörð was elected deputy president of BSRB at its 46th congress in September 2021. He is the chairman of Sameyki, union of public servants.





Arna Jakobína Björnsdóttir, annar varaformaður BSRBArna Jakobína Björnsdóttir, second deputy president of BSRB


Arna Jakobína Björnsdóttir was elected the 2nd deputy president at the 45th congress in October 2018 and re-elected in September 2021. She has been active and a member of the General council since 2009. She chairs Kjölur, union of public servants in the north and west of Iceland.

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