Varða – the labour research institute

BSRB and ASÍ co-founded Varða – the labour research institute in October 2019. The institute aims to strengthen research in the labour market, and in the social and economic spheres. Many Nordic labour federations operate such institutes, and it is with particular satisfaction that the Icelandic labour movement now takes this significant step.

The institute is meant to improve knowledge about the living conditions of workers and bridge the gap between researchers and the labour movement and deepening the discourse on wages and conditions. It will be interdisciplinary and independent in its work. A competition was held on who could come up with the best name and Varða (e. cairn) was chosen at the end of December 2019.

Varða has since done research, published findings, and organized open meetings to present the results of research.

Further information about Varða can be found on the institute’s homepage.

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