The federation emphasises the importance of vocational training for its union members. A variety of interesting and useful courses are offered at Starfsmennt (The Educational Training Centre for Public Employees) and at Félagsmálaskóli alþýðu (The Worker‘s Social Affairs School) which offers courses for union representatives in addition to other training. All of BSRB‘s affiliated unions have a clause on vocational training fund in their collective agreements.

Starfsmennt, the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees

The Educational Training Centre for Public Employess was established in 2001 following wage negotiations between BSRB and the Minstry of Finance and Economic Affairs. Its role is to urge public employees to lifelong learning, to gain knowledge and skills through out their working lifes. That helps them to increase their career development and to participate in a life-changing working environment. The contribution of the treasury is limited to the collaboration between the unions and that the centre offers various educational courses and pathways. The majority of BRSB‘s affiliated unions are owners of the centre.


Framvegis is a vocational training centre owned by the unions Sameyki and Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands (The Union of Licenced Pracital Nurses). It was established to help their members increase their skills and career development.

Félagsmálaskóli alþýðu – The worker’s social affairs school

Félagsmálaskóli alþýðu (The Worker‘s Social Affairs School) is run by BSRB and the Icelandic Federation of Labour (ASÍ). Each semester they offer specific courses for union representatives, leaders, and employees of the trade unions. The school’s main objective is to intensify the knowledge on labour related issues and social affairs to make the union’s spokespeople even better in their work for better terms for union members.

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