Social security

Social security is part of the safety net in the welfare society to ensure satisfactory standard of living for those who have been unable to collect sufficient pension savings or have lost their work capacity due to sickness or injuries. BSRB demands that income indexing for social security and pension payments be reviewed.

It is a fundamental factor that pensions ensure old-age and disability pensioners satisfactory standard of living. It is important to ensure that social security payments follow wage developments in the country. Changes will have to be made to the disability pension scheme arrangement in accordance with the old-age pension system, and more disability pensioners will have to be enabled to work by increasing the supply of flexible jobs and raising the maximum disability pension income level. It is important that people are enabled to return to the labour market after sickness, injuries or other setbacks. The experience from the banking crisis has shown that financial worries and a poor financial status have significant negative effects on people’s physical and mental health. The symptoms are slow to develop but are long-term and are one of the main causes for burnout and exhaustion. It is important to ensure that no one is forced into poverty due to reduced work capacity.

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