General requirements for government employees

Terms for qualifying for an appointment or an employment contract according to The Government Employees Act, no 70/1996, chapter II, article 6 are: 

  • Being eighteen years of age. Exceptions can be made for employment under a study contract, for cleaning jobs, messenger jobs or similar jobs. Provisions in other laws where other age limits are specified shall remain in force.
  • Having attained majority. The condition of majority shall not apply when an exception is made as stated in point 1 above.
  • Being of sound mind and body to do the job at hand at any given time.
  • A general education and, in addition, any appropriate special education which is demanded by law or by the specifications of the job in order to be able to meet the demands of the job at hand.
  • Being in charge of one's own finances in cases where a financial responsibility is required, such as from cashiers or bill collectors, if so, demanded by law or specifically required by circumstances.
  • In cases where the applicant has been sentenced for an offence under Paragraph 1, Article 68 of the Penal Code, he shall be deemed unqualified to accept employment.
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