Kröfuganga 1. maíBSRB safeguards the interests of public sector workers and excerts influence in various parts of society with the aim of improving the lives of its members and society in general. BSRB staff participates in work related to diverse issues, always in accordance set by BSRB's Congress.

A shorter work week

BSRB, the largest federation of public sector workers in Iceland, has campaigned for a more family friendly work environment for years. Historically, Icelanders have worked longer hours than the nations that we normally compare us with. Therefore, they have had less time to spend with their families and on leisure and hobbies. A shorter work week has been one of the federation’s key objectives since the year 2004 and this goal was finally reached in the collective agreements of 2020 when the federation successfully negotiated for a substantial reduction in the number of working hours without any reduction in wages.

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